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Covington, KY

CT Consulting has been a long-time valued partner on many projects, so when given the opportunity to work with them to create their new offices we were thrilled.


We knew the space had to reflect the creativity and professionalism of their firm. It needed to support their collaborative work process and showcase features they recommend for their clients.




Cincinnati, OH

Design Details was thrilled to join the design team for this unique space right in the heart of Cincinnati. 


Strive Together, a local non-profit has over 50 networks spreading over the united states. They needed a space where they collaborate as team, space where they could manage all of their networks and a place that was bright and creative.


Cincinnati, OH

We were excited to have a part in designing the Nature Park Event Center located in Florence Ky. It is surrounded by the park’s beauty, covered by trees and all the colors that nature has to offer.

The city of Florence wanted a facility that provided the community a gathering space that seamlessly integrated the interiors with the natural setting. The openness of the building and the natural materials work together to enhance the park and let nature be the focal point of the space.  Whether hosting a wedding, a corporate meeting, or a reception the Nature Park Event Center provides a tranquil environment for guests.

When CTI Clinical & Consulting moved their headquarters to the existing River Centers in Covington, KY, Design Details worked hand and hand in developing the seven floors of their new home.  Creating a collaborative, open and comfortable space were all important factors.


In the complete renovation of all seven floors, 70,000 square feet, the design team created a bright and open space that makes the whole CTI team feel welcome.

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